The end is finaly in sight! The album release is upon us!

To support the release of ‘Our Modern Age’ we won’t have just 1, but 2 release shows. Ofcourse we will have a local show for all our friends and family (we wouldn’t want to do it without you guys and gals) but we will also have a show for everyone else! All the information is ready on the ‘Shows’ page. At the shows we will sells physical copies of the album (digipack’s) for €10. Get yours soon because we only have 500 of them in stock! What better way to support a local band?!

Is that all the good news? Oh, hell no! For everyone else around the world we have released ‘Our Modern Age’ on CD Baby, Spotify, iTunes and a shitload of other online retailers. And ofcourse, for your listening pleasures we have included a couple of fancy new buttons to your right to make it easy on you. Let us know what you think!

We would also like to take this moment to thank everyone around the globe for getting in touch with us and supporting us. It’s great to see people from all over the world enjoying our music, from India to the USA. You guys are awesome and we hope you stick around and share something we release every once in a while. It would help us a great deal and you will be forever in our debt (which means we might have to do a show near you to return the favor…)

Thanks again everyone!

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